What is Vaginal Steam Therapy?

Vaginal Steam Therapy can be described as a treatment for the overall health of the womb and vaginal area. It uses the power of steam, herbs and heat for healing. Vaginal steam therapy is practiced to help maintain the health and wellness of your feminine areas.

It helps with many specific ailments such as hormonal balance, menstrual and menopausal issues, during postpartum period and infertility. Vaginal steaming also helps with leaving your vaginal area feeling fresh clean and free from odor, itch and infections. It can also be considered a vaginal cleanse.

Vaginal Steam Therapy

What is the Origin of Vaginal Steam Therapy?

Vaginal Steam Therapy originates from the Malay traditional practice called ganggang or tanggas. It is part of treatment for infertility, postpartum as well as any menstrual and menopausal issues.

Many other cultures in other parts of the world has similar practice of vaginal steaming for improved women’s reproductive health.

How is Vaginal Steam Therapy Done?

Our massage clinic is equipped with the specially crafted stool made of teak wood from Indonesia. The vaginal steam stool  is hollowed in the center. Further to that it has cushioned seating area for your comfort. Selected herbs are placed in a steam machine on the ground to fill up the hollow space.

You will then be required to wear a sarong and sit over the stool. The steam will waft up the confined space of the stool and inside your sarong. Consequently the smoke will reach the exposed vaginal and anal area. This is done over a period of 10-15 mins per session. In this time, you are advised to do Kegel exercise to help with the absorption and strengthening of your pelvic muscles.

How Does Vaginal Steam Therapy Works?

Vaginal steam therapy uses healing and cleansing properties of herbs and thermotherapy in the form of heat and steam. Steam is known to have disinfecting properties to kill germs and bacteria, eliminating bad odor. Therefore it leaves the area genital and anal area feeling cleaner, healthy and fresh.

Vaginal steam can disinfect the vaginal area to keep it clear from bacteria, eliminate any unpleasant smells, irritation or itch. At the same time it improves expulsion of excess mucus, tighten and strengthen the vagina, and reduce excessive vaginal discharge.

Benefits of Vaginal Steam Therapy

  • Eliminate Unpleasant Smell & Odors

  • Reduce Itch & Irritation

  • Kills Germs & Bacteria

  • Relives Hemorrhoids

  • Reduce Excessive Vaginal Discharge

  • Tighten & Strenghten Vaginal Area

  • Disinfect & Cleanse Genital & Anal Area

  • Prevent Bacterial & Fungal Infection

  • Freshens & Leaving The Area Clean & Healthy