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About Us

Mummy’s Fertility is the pioneer in providing fertility massage treatments in Singapore. Our primary focus is to help women create a Fertile Body to create an ideal environment for a successful conception and pregnancy. We are not a regular spa offering recreational massage. Our specialty is in massage therapy and natural fertility treatments for women only. Our team of therapists is trained in our signature Malay Uterus Massage (M.U.M)™ and other natural fertility massage and treatments.

Our Philosophy

At Mummy’s Fertility, we honour women and their sacrifices as they strive to fulfill the greatest task in the world …
to create a human being…

We don’t believe in just “fixing one part of your body.” We believe all parts of your body need to be functioning well.  At Mummy’s Fertility, we use modern evidence-based practices and natural methods derived from thousands of years of ancient wisdom in herbal medicine, traditional practices, and remedies. We will help you create not just a healthy body but a
fertile body for your little one to grow in.

Our Core Belief

Medicine From Nature

Since the beginning of time, nature has provided the solution for every common ailment or discomfort. Plants and herbs work back in the day and still work today.

Innate Self-Healing Ability

Our body has the capabilities to repair itself. And sometimes need the help of natural treatments that are safe and effective.

Western, Alternative, Complementary & Eastern Medicine

We believe every type of medicine has its place. Modern medicine has scientific findings, while traditional practices, remedies, and ancient wisdom has proven itself, since the beginning of time

No Effort is Too Small

Series of small, smart choices done over time can have massive results. The little steps you do today to improve your fertility may seem insignificant now but can result in a huge reward – a baby.

Meet Our Team

salwa salim

Appeared In

A Family Legacy: From Traditional Midwives to Modern Fertility Practitioners

Welcome! I’m Salwa Salim, working alongside my mother, Mama Gie, a renowned traditional midwife, and my sister Mylia, an expert in Malay fertility techniques. Our family has a rich history of traditional midwives and healers, and we’ve dedicated our lives to empowering women through natural and time-tested methods. Together, we’ve helped countless individuals enhance their fertility and manage reproductive health challenges.

I bring a modern medical perspective to our traditional practices. My work has allowed me to collaborate with hospitals, birth centers, and clinics across the US where I train healthcare professionals to integrate holistic methods backed by medical science for a holistic maternal wellness.

Together with our sister company, Mummy’s Massage, we continues helping women with a time-honored  holistic approach, providing seamless care from preconception through postpartum recovery, embodying a complete continuum of support for women.


From our family to yours:
Let us help you achieve your dreams of motherhood,
just as we’ve helped thousands of women.

Our Founder
Salwa Salim

Salwa Salim is renowned for her expertise in women’s natural reproductive health and is actively involved in the fertility and birthing community. She collaborates with universities, museums, hospitals, clinics, and birth centers to integrate traditional practices with modern medical insights.

She founded Mummy’s Massage in Singapore in 2012, focusing on pregnancy, post-miscarriage, and postpartum care, and Birth Matron in the USA in 2023, providing training to birth workers. Her deep roots in Malay birth traditions and extensive research in Malay Traditional Medicine led to the creation of the Malay Uterus Massage (M.U.M.)™, a key component of her Fertility Massage therapy.

Salwa’s work bridges the gap between traditional Malay health practices and modern medical knowledge, earning respect locally and abroad. Her commitment to combining these practices is evident in her training sessions and workshops, which equip healthcare professionals with unique approaches to women’s health. Through her work, Salwa continues to contribute thoughtfully to advancements in the field of reproductive health.

Internationally recognized, Salwa was featured on Fox TV, USA on Good Day D.C Morning Talk Show, during International Women’s Day, underscoring her dedication to advancing women’s health worldwide. Her innovative approach continues to empower women to achieve their dreams of motherhood and maintain optimal health.

Salwa’s expertise in traditional healing was recognized when the Asian Civilization Museum invited her to conduct a workshop on Herbal Medicine/ Jamu, and covered by the news network. This engagement highlights her role as a leading authority in natural health remedies, furthering her commitment to promoting holistic health globally.


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Newspaper & Magazines

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Professional Appearance

  • Workshop: The Educated Birth, The History, Tradition & Benefits of Bengkung Belly Binding, Virginia, USA, 23-Jul-21
  • Referenced in Journal Publication: World Scientific Journal, Beyond Bicentennial Perspectives on Malays: The Viability of Traditional Malay Medical Practices in Singapore, Singapore, 01-Jul-21
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  • Organised Nursing Symposium: Women’s Care, Baby Care & Infant CPR, Berat, Albania, 01-Sep-15
  • Workshop: Baby MassageBumi Sehat, Bali, Indonesia, 21-Aug-14
  • Speaking engagement, National Heritage Board, Traditional Malay Health & Beauty Secrets, Singapore Heritage Festival, Singapore,19-Jul-14 to 20-Jul-14
  • Speaking engagement Mother-Baby Fair Marine Parade CC, Postpartum Massage & Baby Massage, Singapore, 23-Aug-13

Training & Events

  • Innova Hospital, Postpartum Care Workshop, Virginia, 27 Apr 24
  • PBG Birth Worker Group, Belly Binding Training, Pittsburgh, 7 Nov 23
  • AABC Home Birth Conference, Arizona, 18 Oct  23
  • Holistic Birth Worker Gathering, Meet & Greet, Bethesda MD, 26 Sep 23
  • Birth In Colour, Belly Binding Training, Richmond, 28 Aug 23
  • 40-Day Confinement Transition into Motherhood, Exhibition, Washington DC, May 23
  • Women Diplomatic Series, Singapore Embassy, Washington D.C, April 10 2023
  • Bloom Collective, Belly Binding Training, Baltimore, 13 Mar 23
  • Sage Midwifery, Belly Binding Training, Virginia, 14 Feb 23
  • Sage Midwifery, Belly Binding Training, Baltimore, 06 Nov 22

Formal Education

  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Medical imaging, Charles Sturt University, Australia, 2012

  • Diploma in Body Massage, CIBTAC International, United Kingdom, 2014

  • Diploma in Radiotherapy, Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Health Science, Singapore, 2007

    AWARDED FULL SCHOLARSHIP by National University Hospital Singapore

  • Cambridge A-Levels, Serangoon Junior College, Singapore, 2003
  • Certificate in Understanding PMADs, Postpartum Support Virginia, USA, 2023
  • Health Coach Certification, American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA),  U.S.A, 2020
  • Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment, Singapore Training And Development Association (STADA), Singapore, 2014
  • Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Arvigo Institute by National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Body Works (NCBTMB), Italy, 2014
  • Baby Yoga Instructor Training Course, Hands-on Babies by Royal Midwives College, London, 2013
  • Baby Massage Instructor Training Course, Hands-on Babies by Royal Midwives College, London, 2013
  • Certificate in Postnatal Massage, Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification, Singapore, 2012
  • Certificate in Infant Massage & Tuina, Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification, Singapore, 2012

Based on:

Fertility Massage For Women
Introducing the Malay Uterus Massage (M.U.M)™ by Salwa Salim

Fertility massage For Women Salwa Salim Book

Out of Stock

Malay Uterus Massage (M.U.M)™ by Salwa Salim is created based on the Malay massage techniques. These techniques are gathered from the experiences of practitioners who have had decades of practical skills in the field that has been passed down to them for many generations. They were either an apprentice or trained under bidan (traditional midwives), tukang urut (traditional massage therapist) or tukang ubat (medicine men/women).

With these practical skills and knowledge, Salwa Salim supplemented her research with result-based-practice with modern day medical insights, and further develop these techniques to fit the latest massage quality standard and follow safe practices of massage.

With that, Fertility massage For Women: Introducing the Malay Uterus Massage (M.U.M)  book was written to document the history, development, techniques, benefits and many more. The basis of Mummy’s Fertility massage is based upon this book.