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Herbal Medicine

Before modern medicine and modern pharmacy dispense synthetic pills, people have been relying on nature for their nutrition and medicine. Herbal medicine is the use of medicinal plants, and originates from ancient wisdom. Traditional medicine often uses plants to treat diseases and and enhance general health and wellbeing. At Mummy’s Fertility we use natural plant products, essential oil extracts, often organic or handpicked from the rainforest as part of our treatment.

How Does Mummy’s Fertility Use Herbal Medicine









Medicine From Nature

Since the beginning of time, nature has provided the solution for every common ailment or discomfort. Plants and herbs work back in the day and still work today.

Based on:

Fertility Massage For Women
Introducing the Malay Uterus Massage (M.U.M)™ by Salwa Salim

Malay Uterus Massage (M.U.M)™ by Salwa Salim is created based on the Malay massage techniques. These techniques are gathered from the experiences of practitioners who have had decades of practical skills in the field that has been passed down to them for many generations. They were either an apprentice or trained under a tukang urut (traditional massage therapist).

With these practical skills and knowledge, Salwa Salim supplemented her research with result based practice with modern day medical insights, and further develop these techniques to fit the latest massage quality standard and follow safe practices of massage.

With that, Fertility massage For Women: Introducing the Malay Uterus Massage (M.U.M)  book was written to document the history, development, techniques, benefits and many more. The basis of Mummy’s Fertility massage is based upon this book.

Origin of Infertility Treatment in Traditional Malay Medicine

malay traditional medicines

Malay is one of the major ethnic group of indigenous people in Southeast Asia found mainly in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. They have a long history of practicing their Malay Traditional Medicine for hundreds of years with evidence of documented manuscripts before Western Medicine arrive in this part of the world.

Women’s health and midwifery are among the most explored disciplines with detailed documentations on pregnancy care, postnatal care, miscarriages and infertility care. This includes methods of diagnosis and treatments of these ailments including massage, nutritional advice and use of herbal medicine.

Urut which means massage, is huge speciality in the malay traditional medicine where different techniques are used for different purposes such as prenatal massage, postnatal massage, infant massage, fertility massage (for both men and women) or simply to treat specific ailments including soreness, sprains, strains, nerves or muscular problems.
(The popularity of postnatal massage and Bengkung Belly Binding originates from the Malay Culture: You can read more about it here.)

As for infertility treatment for women, there is a comprehensive set of regimes to help women depending on their problem. One of the most popular and sought after massage technique in this part of the world, is known as sengkak. Sengkak is a technique used over the lower abdomen that is specially performed on women with infertility issues, postpartum mothers, post-miscarriage women, and women with other menstrual issues.

Accompanying the massage, other natural fertility treatments includes ganggang or tanggas (Vaginal Steam), tungku (Stone heat compress) and tuam (Herbal Heat Compress), in combination to the use of topical or ingested herbs.

How & When is Herbal Medicine Used in Mummy’s Fertility Program?

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Fertility Massage Treatment Program

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