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How Can M.U.M.TM Fertility Massage Treatment Benefit Me?

If you are trying to get pregnant naturally or if you are going for IUI or IVF Treatment, here are the general benefits you will get:

#1. Improve Blood Circulation

Firstly, massage over the abdominal areas helps overall blood circulation. The increased supply of oxygenated and well-nourished blood not only helps with the building of healthy blood vessels of the endometrium layer, but also for all other organs.

This includes the ovaries for more quality eggs, strengthening of the ligaments supporting the reproductive organs, and also non-reproductive organs, such as the large and small intestines, stomach and liver. This in turn promotes the removal of old stagnant cells, and blood and tissues that are still lingering in the uterus at a more efficient rate so it does not cause much damage to the organs.

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#2. Improve Lymphatic Drainage

As M.U.M.TM improves blood circulation to the pelvic areas, it inadvertently stimulates the lymphatic drainage. The stimulation of lymphatic drainage helps to speed up the removal of all toxic waste material that may cause lymphatic congestion.

This results in reduced acidity in the tissue by helping drain waste material. This will further cause a positive chain reaction in educed inflammation and optimized nerve sensitivity to the pelvic area. This is particularly beneficial for women who lead sedentary lifestyles, where they sit for more than six hours a day.

Our body was not designed for such a lifestyle. Sitting for long periods of time causes the bent area, like a kink in a straw, incidentally at the reproductive organs juncture of the pelvic area where reduction of blood flow forms in that particular position.

#3. Regulating Hormones

female hormone treatmentThe communication of hormones in the body between the different organs, including pituitary, hypothalamus, ovaries and uterus is called the feedback loop.

M.U.M.TM Fertility Massage helps with controlling the levels of hormones produced when being stimulated; thus, helps in the healthy and clear communication resulting in a healthier hormonal balance.

#4. Breaking down scar tissue & Adhesion

Adhesion is a natural process of the building of fibrous bands internally or externally between any structures of tissues and organs as part of the recovery period from surgeries, inflammation or trauma. Adhesion, also called scar tissues, naturally makes these connections between surfaces that, under normal circumstances, are not connected.

Adhesion can also be caused by toxin buildup or high blood sugar levels; therefore, uterus massage is the only non-invasive method to date that can either prevent these adhesions from building up, which may cause blockages or, help break down these adhesions that have already been formed internally in the reproductive organs or surrounding structures.

The physical manipulation in breaking the links formed from these adhesions will not only help to get rid of these unwanted waste products, but will not create tightness and tension between any surfaces.

#5. Cleansing & Detoxifying

Cleansing is an extension of circulation. Improved circulation promotes the removal of toxic waste accumulated in the uterus and which was not gotten rid of during menstruation. A healthy menstrual discharge should comprise of bright red and un-clotted blood. This demonstrates a healthy womb where blood is immediately discharged out of the body the moment it disintegrates itself from the endometrium.

Dark reddish to brown blood, especially having a foul smell, indicates that it remained stagnant and was retained in the body before it was discharged. M.U.M™ will help to remove any of this “old” blood, dead endometrium cells, or tissues that are stagnant and may still be stuck to the uterine walls.

#6. Surrounding Organs

The other organs that will be involved in M.U.M.™ Fertility Massage are the stomach, liver and intestines, which are adjacent to the reproductive system. Massaging the liver is beneficial in removing toxins and hormones out of the body, whereas massaging the stomach and intestines helps in digestion, as it moves the faeces that may be stuck or impacted.

Considering that the uterus rests at right angles on top of the bladder, incontinence is a very common issue amongst women who had given birth or had undergone a miscarriage/abortion. M.U.M..™  is mostly known for repositioning the uterus in the original position, and one of the most prevalent symptoms M.U.M..™  has relieved is incontinence. M.U.M..™  is a popular treatment for postnatal women for this reason.

#7. Emotional Release

Ever wondered where terms such as “butterflies in my stomach” or “feel sick in my stomach” or “gut wrenching” came about? Our body holds onto our negative emotions, especially stress, worries, and fears in the abdominal areas. Storing negative feelings in our body triggers negative hormonal responses, which may be detrimental to the body, especially during the fertile period.

Emotional healing is necessary in order to release pent-up emotions that may be stored in the body, creating a block. This inhibitor is a direct link on how our emotions can affect our fertility, especially in the cases of unexplained infertility.

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Based on Book: Introducing M.U.M™ Fertility Massage For Women

An author, researcher, sonographer, massage therapist and most importantly, a mother..

Creator and author or Fertility Massage for Women, M.U.M™ Fertility Treatment. Salwa Salim has the personal experience and professional expertise in the areas of women reproductive health.

Together with her team, many women has successfully gotten pregnant with Mummy’s Fertility.

Fertility & Womb Massage: A series of specialized Malay Uterus Massage techniques performed on the lower abdomen, hips, pelvis, sacrum and other regions of the body.

Uterus Heat Therapy: Using heat compression on the reproductive system and muscles and ligament attachments. This treatment aids in clearing the endometrial lining by breaking down blood clots and  expelling dead cells and tissues.

Self M.U.M Fertility Massage: Simplified versions of Malay Uterus Massage (M.U.M) designed as a form of self fertility massage for individuals to provide aftercare maintenance on themselves on a regular basis.

Vaginal Steam Therapy: A procedure which eliminates displeasing odors, disinfects the vaginal region removing by bacteria, tightens and strengthens the vagina and cervix and reduce excessive vaginal discharge.

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“Guess what! I am pregnant! Although it took sometime, I am glad it paid off! Due to my age, it is still a high risk pregnancy, but even my Doctors are surprised I still manage to get pregnant after so many years of failed attempt. Just wanted to share with you this good news!”

D.ZAfter suffering from years of unexplained infertility:

“I didn’t want to jinx it, so I didn’t tell you earlier, but I am so happy to share this news with you that I am already in my 3rd Trimester. The IVF transfer was successful and I am so thankful for all your help. I hope you are still available for my postnatal massage!”

C.K. After getting pregnant naturally:

“I am so glad that finally my egg quality has improved tremendously and increased in number and size. Now my Doctor is just ready waiting to ‘catch’ them for fertilisation”

R.M.An update on her egg quality for the egg retrieval process for IVF: