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Fertility Starter Kit

Some women have no problems trying to get pregnant and it happens naturally for them. Unfortunately for many women, they need a little help getting pregnant naturally. Sometimes just being healthy is not enough to getting pregnant. Your body needs to be in a conducive environment necessary for conception and pregnancy to take place.

Fertility body

Firstly, you need a fertile body.

A fertile body is a conducive environment necessary for conception and pregnancy to take place. At Mummy’s Fertility, we don’t believe in treating just any one condition or just one part of the body. We believe it is important for every part of your body to be functioning properly. We have created a Fertile Body Model™.

Mummy’s Fertility understand the importance of preparing your body as whole, including your mental and emotional state, which is neglected by your doctor and often missed out by many women trying to get pregnant.

Each human being is not only made up of their body only. To function properly, you need a healthy body with a healthy 1) mental, 2) emotional, and 3) spiritual state. If you go to a doctor for infertility treatment, the focus is only on treating the physical body. However, getting pregnant requires all aspects of your life to be healthy and functioning well. Getting pregnant is the first part; staying pregnant until you deliver a healthy baby is just as important! So you need to prepare your body for this task.

The 5 Categories in the Fertile Body Model.

General Health

General Health

General health for getting pregnant is not only about maintaining a healthy weight, eating well, and exercising. There are many other factors often overlooked that affects fertility. For example, regular sleep pattern for balanced hormones, exposure to substances that you are not aware is harmful to a fertile body, etc many more.

Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is crucial to create a safe space for pregnancy. Your menstrual cycle, menstrual symptoms, menstrual blood, volume, texture and smell are all an indication of your reproductive health, and there are many ways of ensuring your reproductive health is working well.

Stress & Healing

Stress and Healing

Miscarriages, injury, diseases, operations and trauma, and the pressure to get pregnant can be major stress factors in your life. Studies have shown the negative impact stress has on infertility or IUI-IVF outcome. So you it is important that your body heals from this trauma before trying to get pregnant.

Nutrition & Supplements

Nutritional Guide

Well-balanced nutrition is not enough to create a fertile body. Knowledge in choosing the right fertility diet and recognizing when it is necessary to take supplements if the daily food intake is not sufficient for specific nutrients is a very important step to getting pregnant.

Mind & Body Connection


There is a direct connection between the mental and emotional state of the human body. Many studies have shown the relationship between stress or negative feelings to infertility issues. You can use many mind-body techniques to bring balance and peace to create your fertile body.

Help You Get Pregnant?

Our Fertility Starter Kit is customised for your method of pregnancy. Regardless if you are trying to get pregnant naturally or through IUI-IVF, we have just the right program for you!

What is Included in Our Fertility Starter Kit?

Nutrition & Supplements:

nutritional guide download ebook

Nutritional Guidebook with recommendations to create a fertile diet, including the science between dietary consumption and fertility, best foods to consume, food groups to avoid, and a daily and weekly food intake checklist and supplements information.

health nutritionCategory: General Health and Nutrition
What you will Receive: Eating For Fertility Guidebook

Fertility Health Assessment:

fertility analysis report

Based on your answers to our questionnaire, we will provide an analysis of your fertility status with a personalized recommendation regarding the areas in your lifestyle that you can modify to improve your overall fertility status.

General HealthCategory: General Health
What you will Receive: Fertility Analysis Report & Personalised Lifestyle Advice

Fertility Yoga

A video series of recommended yoga positions would help improve your overall health with poses specifically chosen for improving fertility. This program is suitable for all levels of physical fitness.

Fertility-YogaCategory: General Health and Mind & Body Connection
What you will Receive: Fertility Yoga Video Instruction

Personalised Lifestyle Advice

personalised lifestyle guide

Natural Conception Preparation Guidebook or IUI-IVF Preparation Guidebook with actionable suggestions to prepare you depending if you are trying for natural conception or assisted conception procedure.

General HealthCategory: General Health
What you will Receive: Fertility Analysis Report & Lifestyle Advice

Jamu & Aromatherapy

As part of herbal medicine, a special blend of essential oil is specially formulated for balancing hormones and improving overall reproductive health. This blend can be applied and used directly on the abdomen or used in a diffuser.

Stress and HealingCategory: Stress & healing
What you will Receive: *30ml Fertility Essential Oil For Women

Castor Oil Therapy

A technique that improves healing of the abdomen area by boosting immune system functions, cleansing of reproductive organs, detoxifying and improving liver function, healing damaged tissue, and reducing pain and inflammation.

Stress and HealingCategory: Stress & Healing
What you will Receive: *100ml Castor Oil & Castor Oil Therapy Instructions

Hypnotherapy – Guided Meditation

An audio recording program to help you reconnect your mind and body through guided mental imagery using repetitive stimulation to improve your state of mind and fertile disposition.

Meditation Category: Stress & Healing and Mind & Body Connection
What you will Receive: Audio Recording of Hypnotherapy Guided Meditation

Body Rhythm – Charting

Understand your body’s cycle through charting. This will help you identify your exact ovulation date, so you won’t miss your fertile window for sexual intercourse which increases the chance of natural conception.

MeditationCategory: Mind & Body Connection
What you will Receive: Sets of BTT & Cervical mucus instruction and charts

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