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(Fallopian Tube Occlusion)

What is a Fallopian Tube?

Normally, a woman has 2 sets of fallopian tubes on each side of her uterus that connects to the ovaries. During ovulation, the mature egg will travel along these hollow tubes towards the uterus.

During sexual intercourse, the sperm will travel up the uterus into the fallopian tube, and this is where fertilisation usually takes place.

The fertilised egg, will continue to develop into an embryo and travel from the fallopian tube to the uterus and implants itself the lining of the uterus where pregnancy will occur.

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How Does the Fallopian Tubes Get Blocked (Occluded) ?

Fallopian tubes can get blocked due to medical reasons such as endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, hydrosalpinx (tubes filled with fluids), previous abdominal surgeries or any form of infection (STD, pelvic inflammatory diseases) etc.

There are also mechanical reason for the blockages such as twisted, impeded or “squashed” by other organs and structures. They can also be blocked by adhesion, scar tissues, dead cells and stagnant blood etc.

The fallopian tube can be permanently damaged due to diseases but in many cases, the fallopian tube blockages can be reversible and cleared completely.

Can I Get Pregnant if My Fallopian Tube is Blocked?

With one blocked fallopian tube, you can still get pregnant naturally. However your chances of chances of conception has been reduced to 50% since only 1 of 2 of your fallopian tubes is clear and functioning properly.blocked fallopian tube pregnancy

Unfortunately, with both blocked fallopian tubes, natural pregnancy is unlikely to occur because there is zero chance of the sperm meeting the egg. The blockage prevents the natural route of the egg to meet the sperm for fertilization, and reaching the uterus.

But once the blockages is cleared, even if only one side is cleared, you will still be able to get pregnant naturally.

Can Mummy’s Fertility Unblock My Fallopian Tube?

Yes! With our M.U.M™ Fertility Massage Treatment including the Uterus Massage (womb massage), Uterus Heat Therapy and Vaginal Steam Therapy can help!

The good news is, in many cases blocked fallopian tube is not permanent and can be reversed. If your fallopian tubes are not permanently damaged or removed, your doctor may suggest for surgery to clear the blockages if you still want to try for  a natural pregnancy.

To date, uterus massage (womb massage) is the only the available non invasive technique to successfully clear blocked fallopian tubes. Studies have shown that massage can be effective in clearing fallopian tubes.

Based on Book: Introducing M.U.M™ Fertility Massage For Women

An author, researcher, sonographer, massage therapist and most importantly, a mother..

Creator and author or Fertility Massage for Women, M.U.M™ Fertility Treatment. Salwa Salim has the personal experience and professional expertise in the areas of women reproductive health.

Together with her team, many women has successfully gotten pregnant with Mummy’s Fertility.

Fertility & Womb Massage: A series of specialized Malay Uterus Massage techniques performed on the lower abdomen, hips, pelvis, sacrum and other regions of the body.

Uterus Heat Therapy: Using heat compression on the reproductive system and muscles and ligament attachments. This treatment aids in clearing the endometrial lining by breaking down blood clots and  expelling dead cells and tissues.

Self M.U.M Fertility Massage: Simplified versions of Malay Uterus Massage (M.U.M) designed as a form of self fertility massage for individuals to provide aftercare maintenance on themselves on a regular basis.

Vaginal Steam Therapy: A procedure which eliminates displeasing odors, disinfects the vaginal region removing by bacteria, tightens and strengthens the vagina and cervix and reduce excessive vaginal discharge.

How does M.U.M™ Fertility Massage Treatment Clear My Fallopian Tubes?

Our specialist massage therapist will perform the series of M.U.M™ Fertility Massage Treatment to bring about help your conditions with these:

  • clear the tubes from dead cells, blood or tissues
  • restoring harmony of the internal organs & structures
  • release the fallopian tubes from being twisted, obstructed or twisted by adjacent organs & structures
  • expel old stagnant blood and dead cells to cleanse out your womb
  • breakdown any adhesions or scaring that may be present
  • reposition your uterus back into its original position

Have Mummy’s Fertility Helped Unblock Any Fallopian Tubes?

Yes definitely!

Many women come to us with this issue of having one or both fallopian tubes blocked. We have had many positive results with clearing of fallopian tubes, and some even lead to natural pregnancy.

Some are afraid of surgery and others simply want to try getting pregnant naturally first before considering IVF. Usually our clients choose uterus massage as an alternative treatment because of the effective results. 


Our best result at Mummy’s Fertility came from a 32yo woman who decided to try natural method first while waiting for her laparoscopic surgery to clear both her blocked tubes.

Within just one month of regular massage with Mummy’s Fertility, she returned to the hospital for her surgery.

Upon the checkup, the doctor told her the good news that he was going to cancel her surgery. She was so happy thinking her fallopian tube was cleared.. But that was not the good news..

She was confirmed PREGNANT!

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Up to 20% of women are affected by infertility, but women in Singapore are still not comfortable talking about it. 

I feel women should be given a safe space to discuss their issues without shame. Feel free to leave your feelings, comments or any questions you have without judgement.

I will provide support and personally respond to each one of you.”

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“Guess what! I am pregnant! Although it took sometime, I am glad it paid off! Due to my age, it is still a high risk pregnancy, but even my Doctors are surprised I still manage to get pregnant after so many years of failed attempt. Just wanted to share with you this good news!”

D.Z. After suffering from years of unexplained infertility:

“I am so glad that finally my egg quality has improved tremendously and increased in number and size. Now my Doctor is just ready waiting to ‘catch’ them for fertilisation”

R.M. An update on her egg quality for the egg retrieval process for IVF:

“Guess what! I am pregnant! Although it took sometime, I am glad it paid off! Due to my age, it is still a high risk pregnancy, but even my Doctors are surprised I still manage to get pregnant after so many years of failed attempt. Just wanted to share with you this good news!”

D.Z.After suffering from years of unexplained infertility: