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My name is Salwa Salim, and I am a women’s natural fertility practitioner. I imagine you must be here to discover ways to help you get pregnant. Let me share with you how my team and I helped women overcome infertility naturally to realize their dreams of motherhood.

When I working as a medical sonographer and performing scans on women’s womb, ovaries and fallopian tubes to look for abnormalities why these women can’t get pregnant, I discovered that many of these women were either normal or had no direct infertility condition. This raises a huge question in my head..

If your doctor tells you there is nothing wrong with you, yet not able to help you get pregnant, what do you do? 

If western medicine fails to help you, what are your options? This leads me into the world of alternative medicine. Fast forward 12 years later, I am now specialized in the natural fertility methods specializing in massage therapy, herbal medicine and Malay traditional medicine.

My time learning / training/ apprenticing/ researching and especially working with women in all the different reproductive stage, one thing I found in women who successfully got pregnant was..

many seemingly small changes can add up into life-changing results over time.

The truth is there is not one treatment that can magically make you pregnant. Often it is the combination of many different methods. With other experts, I came out with a natural fertility program that aim not not just improve your reproductive health but your overall health. Combining the best of western and eastern medicine to bring you safe, natural, time-tested or evidence based treatments to help you get pregnant.

With Love & Light, 

Salwa salim

Maternal & Natural Fertility Expert
Founder of Mummy’s Fertility

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How Mummy’s Fertility Team Can Help You

What Else Would You Receive?

On top of our services for you, we also provide you support and resources to help you create a Fertile Body.

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What is Fertile Body?
A body with the ideal  environment for fertilisation and pregnancy.

It does not matter if you are trying to get pregnant naturally, or through ICSI/ IUI/ IVF or if you are on hormonal drugs. Using our Fertile Body Model TM our program is suitable for women with any conditions!

How Are You Trying to Get Pregnant?

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A Family Legacy: From Traditional Midwives to Modern Fertility Practitioners

Welcome! I’m Salwa Salim, working alongside my mother, Mama Gie, a renowned traditional midwife, and my sister Mylia, an expert in Malay fertility techniques. Our family has a rich history of traditional midwives and healers, and we’ve dedicated our lives to empowering women through natural and time-tested methods. Together, we’ve helped countless individuals enhance their fertility and manage reproductive health challenges.

I bring a modern medical perspective to our traditional practices. My work has allowed me to collaborate with hospitals, birth centers, and clinics across the US where I train healthcare professionals to integrate holistic methods backed by medical science for a holistic maternal wellness.

Together with our sister company, Mummy’s Massage, we continues helping women with a time-honored  holistic approach, providing seamless care from preconception through postpartum recovery, embodying a complete continuum of support for women.


From our family to yours:
Let us help you achieve your dreams of motherhood,
just as we’ve helped thousands of women.

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  • Let Our Team of Fertility Practitioners Help You on Your Journey to Motherhood

  • Let Our Team of Fertility Practitioners Help You on Your Journey to Motherhood

Let Our Team of Fertility Practitioners Help You on Your Journey to Motherhood