What is Womb Heat Therapy

Womb Heat Therapy is technique using heat compression focused on the abdominal, pelvic and scarum area to help maintain your reproductive uterus womb health at its optimal.

The Womb Heat Therapy has many benefits in the overall health of the uterus as it aids in releasing toxin, expelling wind (prevent bloating) and improve blood and lymphatic circulation to the uterus, eggs and surrounding areas. Most importantly it helps to breakdown the blood clots to clear the uterus lining, especially after menses, of if you have had any miscarriages, pregnancies and operations/procedures.

What is the Origin of Womb (Uterus) Heat Therapy?

Another traditional treatment in the Malay medicine for the optimal health of the uterus includes a hot compress, called tungku or tuam depending on the shape and type of material used as the tool.

It consists of either a flat stone or short iron rod that is preheated and wrapped with fresh leaves and herbs, followed by layers of cloth. This heat compression done routinely, following delivery, miscarriage and menstruation period.

How is The Womb (Uterus) Heat Therapy? Done?

A stone wrapped with a mixture of herbs that is compressed into a shape of a ball, is used as a heat compression tool. It is pressed down with a stationary rotational movement at multiple focal points over the abdomen, pelvis, sacrum and groin areas.

Why Does The Womb (Uterus) Heat Therapy? Focused on These Particular Parts of the Body?

These are the crucial areas where the reproductive system lies, the junctions and attachments of the muscles and ligaments and the location of the lymph nodes respectively. This heat compression is usually done routinely after menstruation, miscarriage or delivery. delivery,

How Does The Womb (Uterus) Heat Therapy? Help With Getting Pregnant?

The compression is directly pressed over the uterus to aid in the release of toxins, expulsion of wind, and breaking down of blood clots. This helps to clear the uterus of dead skin cells, or necrotic tissues, and reduce scarring and adhesion, which is necessary for a successful conception and healthy pregnancy.

Benefits of Womb (Uterus) Heat Therapy

  • Expulsion of Wind

  • Release Toxins

  • Clear the uterus of dead skin cells, or necrotic tissues

  • Reduce Bloating

  • Break Down Blood Clot

  • Reduce scarring and adhesion