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Womb Preparation Program

With improved technology, success rates for IUI-IVF has improved significantly over the years. IUI-IVF success is determined by many factors that are out of your control.

But do you know that there are many factors for a successful IVF that is within your control?

natural pregnancy treatment

Is Your Body Ready To Create Human Being?

Think about it, you are spending tens and thousands of dollar for this procedure, so what have you done to prepare your mind and your body?

Failing to Prepare


Preparing to Fail

Your doctors have already done half the work and fertilisation has already taken place. The next step is up to you. Your lil embryo needs to continue growing in a safe space to develop into a baby.

Now be honest, have you prepared your body to receive your lil baby embryo and nourish it with the nutrients it needs to grow?

Let us Help You

Our aim is to improve your egg quality and create a conducive environment for fertilisation/ implantation to occur successfully. It is not only important to get pregnant, but it is just as important that your system is in a healthy state to sustain the pregnancy to full term!

We have helped many women improve their chances of successful IVF after many failed attempts. We also had few success cases where women came to us to help them prepare for IVF, but end up having accidental natural pregnancy before their procedure date!

Do You Want to Prepare Your Womb for your Baby?

Choose Available Programs Below:

1 Month
Fertility Massage
Suitable for last minute-boost before implantation
4x Fertility Massage
4x Uterus Heat Therapy
1x Vaginal Steam Therapy
Self Fertility Massage
Lesson + Booklet
FREE IUI-IVF Preparation Guidebook
Fertility Starter Kit
Castor Oil
Fertility Essential OIl
12 Page Fertility Assessment
Access to FB Private Group Support
Book Now
6 Months
Fertility Massage
Save $100
Suitable for individuals starting their journey
11x Fertility Massage
11x Uterus Heat Therapy
6x Vaginal Steam Therapy
Self Fertility Massage
Lesson + Booklet
Fertility Starter Kit
FREE Castor Oil
FREE Fertility Essential Oil
FREE 12 Page Fertility Assessment
Access to FB Private Group Support
Book Now
12 Months
Fertility Massage
Save $400
Best Value for $$
Suitable for individuals with unsuccessful attempts
17x Fertility Massage
17x Uterus Heat Therapy
12x Vaginal Steam Therapy
Self Fertility Massage
Lesson + Booklet
Fertility Starter Kit
(Digital + Printed + CD)
FREE 2x Castor Oil
FREE 2x Fertility Essential Oil
FREE 12 Page Fertility Assessment
Access to FB Private Group Support
Book Now

*Free Fertility Starter Kit includes: Nutritional guidebook, body rhythm charts, hypnotherapy guided meditation audio, fertility yoga video, castor oil therapy chart and IUI-IVF preparation guidebook digital copy.

*No expiry date. If you get pregnant before completing your massage treatments, it will be converted to prenatal massage or postnatal massage by Mummy’s Massage.

*Ala-carte sessions available for existing MF clients only. Fertility Massage ($108), Vaginal Steam Therapy ($38) and Womb Heat Therapy ($38)

Dear Mummy-To-Be,

If you are reading this, it means that not only have you taken the steps to have a baby through IUI-IVF, but it shows that you are truly determined to have a successful implantation. 

If this is your first time, I suggest that you start preparing your body as early as you can. If you have had multiple failed attempts, don’t give up! Your body just need to need to ready. Preparing a “home” for you baby for the 9 months takes time.

Don’t lose hope. Have faith and be kind to yourself. Do not pressure yourself beyond your body’s natural capacity. Allow your body to heal and prepare itself.

We will support your journey all the way no matter how long it takes. Together, we can help you realise your dreams of motherhood.

With Love & Light,

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  1. Ms Lei
    Ms Lei says:

    I have several questions if I could get in touch with you as I am in the zone between (IVF) egg retrieval and now waiting to transfer. I have about 1-2month in mean time been doing acupuncture. So as much as I am very interested how your treatments could perhaps help me better in successful pregnancy. Please let me know further.


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