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My name is Salwa Salim, women’s reproductive health consultant. Let me share with you how my team and I helped many women overcome infertility naturally to realise their dreams of motherhood. 

My journey started as a medical sonographer. When women with difficulty getting pregnant goes for a check up, my duty was to use ultrasound to scan their reproductive system to look for abnormalities and diseases.

Here was what I discovered.. Many of the women who can’t get pregnant were either normal or have no direct infertility condition. This raises a huge question in my head..

If there is nothing wrong with you, why can’t you get pregnant?

Discover How to Increase Your Chance of GETTING PREGNANT

Follow The Journey of How We Help These 2 Women Successfully Got Pregnant With Our Program

What We Can Do For You

Link to: Fertility Womb MassageLink to: Fertility Womb MassageLink to: Natural Conception

Fertility & Womb Massage

A series of specialized Malay Uterus Massage (M.U.M.)™  performed on the lower abdomen, hips, pelvis, sacrum and other regions of the body.

Uterus Heat Therapy

Using heat compression on the reproductive system, muscles and ligament and help clear the endometrial lining, expelling dead cells, blood and tissues.

Vaginal Steam Therapy

Eliminates bad odors, disinfects the vaginal region removing by bacteria, tighten & strengthen the vagina and cervix, and reduce excessive vaginal discharge.

Fertility Yoga

Fertility Yoga

Mind & body yoga positions recommended for improving fertility 

Fetility Meditation


Hypnotherapy through guided mental imagery to reconnect your mind and body


Understand your body rhythm through body basal temperature and cervical mucus charting


Use of essential oils and castor oil therapy for healing and balancing hormones

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle advice & Personalised Fertility Assessments to identify & modify areas in your life

Nutrition Plans

Recommendations for a fertile diet including daily & weekly checklist and supplements

Can Mummy’s Fertility Help Me?

Yes! We can help you create a Fertile Body!
What is Fertile Body? A body with the ideal  environment for fertilisation and pregnancy.

It does not matter if you are trying to get pregnant naturally, or through ICSI/ IUI/ IVF or if you are on hormonal drugs. Using our Fertile Body Model TM our program is suitable for women with any conditions!

Need Help?

Find out how our program can help you with your conditions. Even if you do not have any infertility conditions or if you are trying to get pregnant through IUI or IVF, we can help.

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